ML development


minutes not months

Automatically customize AI for your application, no data, annotation, or expertise required.

From requirements to results.

Chat with the Remyx Agent to create a model optimized for your application.
Get yours in minutes, not months.

Data Ready
Data designed for your use case. Get to market faster.

Don't get blocked by limitations on data, jumpstart your AI initiative. We mix synthetic and real data, tailored to your task.

Start up your data flywheel for continuous improvements.

Expertise Included
Create with confidence
no prior knowledge necessary.

You no longer need a team of experts to specialize a machine learning model.
Simply describe your use case, and our agent will choose the best architecture and configuration tailored to your needs.

Automated Cloud
Simple, fast, and flexible
Best practices put into action.

Everything is handled automatically in the cloud — no manual steps or complicated setup. models are ready to be deployed anywhere, from embedded devices to cloud API services.

New Spin Blog

Read about new features, machine learning breakdowns, resources and more

Read about our partnership with Teramina to develop custom computer vision systems to automate aquaculture.

LLMs have the potential to break down complicated problems into a series of steps. In this post, we walk through FFMPerative, an open source agent we created to simplify video editing through chat.

RemyxAI's Backstage Pass: Sharing the AI Reasoning that Powers the Easiest Way to Customize Vision

Interpretability is the emphasis of our latest updates. Check out the metrics we expose through our dashboard and the AI-based reasoning behind the engine.

Bringing Vision to the Big Stage with Remyx AI ft. Databricks

Extract richer structured metadata from your unstructured data lake in a flash with the Remyx CLI and tools like the Databricks platform.

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Say goodbye to the stress of disorganization and hello to a more focused, efficient, and successful you

Ade Latif
"A game-changing collaboration for Teramina.“
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Early adopter
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It was the first time I've seen a no code AutoML platform which didn't require any data either. I was genuinely surprised by how well it worked when I tried it out.

Meet the Team

Salma Mayorquin

Co-founder, CEO

Co-creator of, Salma has seven years of experience in machine learning, collaborating with tech giants and advising over 100 companies on their AI initiatives.

Terry Rodriguez

Co-founder, CTO

Terry, with a math background from UNC and UC Berkeley, has a decade of experience in applying machine learning to healthcare, robotics, and content recommendation.

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